“Self-awareness, self-discovery, and self-care are essential avenues to creatively and joyfully express your fullest potential for a fulfilling life.– Jan Kinder

Jan Kinder, RN, BA, HWNC-BC, HN-BC, is an innovative leader in holistic nursing, and the healing arts for decades.  She specializes in holistic stress solutions and resiliency, vibrational sound and color light healing, and meditation and spiritual mentoring promoting a happier and healthier quality of life.

Jan is a visionary, transformational leader, board-certified holistic nurse, board-certified health and wellness nurse coach, and music therapist who has helped countless individuals on their healing path. Her clients often refer to her as having changed their lives forever. “She is the embodiment of the knowledge and experience she has acquired over a lifetime, which she shares with a passionate open heart and a gentle kindness that helps make personal transformation a fulfilling journey of self-discovery and personal growth.”

Dr. Deepak Chopra, author of How to Know God says, “Jan Kinder has dedicated herself to heal, to love, to transform and to serve others.  She is an inspiration to those around her.” Jan was among the first certified Chopra Center educators/instructors, and worked closely with Chopra and Simon in the Center’s earlier years.

As a seasoned internationally known speaker and workshop facilitator, participants consider Jan to be a “highly skilled, motivating, funny and warm-hearted presenter with integrity, compassion, and many gifts and talents”.

She is the author of A Kinder Shift to Wellness: 5 Paths to a Low Stress, Elevated Life and a contributing author in the best seller, Conversations That Make a Difference, Stories Supporting a Bigger Vision. Among her lifelong endeavors, she is an accomplished classical pianist, composer, and former TV “jingle” singer.

She founded the Jan Kinder Center for Health and Well-Being, LLC in south Florida (2012), originally the Mind Body Health Institute (1996) and formerly the award winning Self Centre International (2000) at the prestigious Caneel Bay Resort in St. John, USVI, where she was featured in such publications as Organic Spa, Wall Street Journal, Travel and Leisure, Spa Magazine, LA Confidential and Palm Beach Illustrated. In 2015, Jan relocated to Delray Beach, Florida where she maintains a private practice and speaking engagements.

Jan’s vision is to be an inspiration, resource and guide in multidimensional healing and transformation, nurturing the opening of awareness and the raising of consciousness to support wholeness and balance, harmony and joy both individually and globally.

A message from me to you…
I would like to take a moment and share the symbolic meaning behind my logo.

The reflection beneath the lotus symbolizes the process of self-reflection and self-awareness, as a first step toward change. The lotus flower symbolizes spiritual awakening, rebirth and growth. The beautiful flower is birthed into existence as it emerges from the dark murky, muddy waters of limitations into the light. It’s essence blooms into a new sense of Self with purity and grace. The purple petals represent spirituality leading to inspiration and self-awakening. The indigo color depicts inner wisdom, intuition and self-knowledge. Orange at the core of the lotus radiates warmth, vitality and happiness. The gold outlining the lotus petals symbolizes reaching enlightenment. The butterfly represents metamorphosis, spiritual rebirth, hope and joy, and personal transformation. The blue and turquoise colors depict healing, love, peace and tranquility.

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