I am grateful to connect with my spiritual Self on a higher level. Thank you Jan for being my angel of guidance. When I’m with Jan, I feel calm, serenity. She has something inside of her that radiates outward that cannot be explained. She has become the experience and knowledge she teaches. It’s so great to be around someone who gives off such a great loving aura.

Debbie Hoppes, FL

Jan is a very gifted and talented practitioner using healing techniques with sound, scent, color and movement to the utmost positive degree. Her medical knowledge and intuitive gifts make sessions transformative and unique. I highly recommend this valuable mode of healing and transformative growth.

Sharon Ann Meyer “SAM”, Lightworker/author, FL

Recently I took the Primordial Sound Meditation class with my teenage daughter with Jan. Although I have known Jan for a few years, I did not know what to expect. There are so many positive things I can say about her prior to taking the class. Now my gratitude of friendship has evolved to a deep admiration of her knowledge. Jan’s years of experience shines through with her stories that resonate to a gap of generations. Jan is wise and relatable. She is truly gifted and is generous to share her talents. I am grateful that I gave this gift to my daughter and myself. My only regret is I didn’t do this sooner.

Linda Shorr, FL

I am thankful our paths have crossed.  It is inspiring to see how you reach out to others and help them.  Your knowledge, patience, understanding, selfless caring for others and energy have truly helped me find an increased appreciation and enjoyment of life.

Charles, FL

Thanks Jan for being there for me every step of the way. You never gave up on me. You supported me in accepting, and letting go of emotions that stopped me from being my awesome Self. I love that you are a seasoned holistic nurse and wellness coach. You’re the real deal.  I now have my go-to person.

Suzette, advertising executive, NYC

My experience with Jan Kinder a trailblazer in music, color and light therapy was a DIVINE HEALING! During my session I found myself going inward consciously, purposefully, and directly where I reached for those things that enhanced my spirit and soul. Over the next 24 hours I experienced a physical visible brightness and joy. Her treatment allowed me to feel a steady strength to sustain me for all things. I feel an aroused awakening of all my senses. I could taste it!

Stacy Sossner, FL

Jan’s program was more than I could have imagined. She has a way about her.  Helped me see how I let my life get out of control. I know I can change it. Her tools and coaching works. I now feel a strong connection with who I am.  Gracias!

Maria Blanco-Garcia, Spain

I have been receiving the sound vibrational sessions for many years and it has changed my life. The relaxation and healing was on levels never before experienced. The love I feel from Jan leaves me feeling enveloped in universal love and light with a sense of deep inner peace. Working with Jan in sound healing and others areas like meditation, Ayurveda and relaxation has helped me discover my evolving path to wholeness.

Sarah Smith, Santa Fe, NM

Since learning the practice of meditation from Jan over 15 years ago, I have taken several other classes from time to time over the years. I have yet to come across a teacher that is able to recapture the same experience of tapping into consciousness, getting centered and going deeper that Jan has made me aware was ever possible. Just being in her presence, you immediately recognize the calming and peaceful energy she radiates. These are just a few of the reasons I continue to seek her out and confide in her as I continue down my spiritual path. She has become not only a teacher but also a personal friend.

Joe Russo, NJ

Jan is a gifted healer and a highly skilled medical practitioner. She has helped me learn to enjoy a greater sense of presence and heightened consciousness. I have worked with Jan for over nine years now. She has proven herself to be a woman of honesty, integrity and many, many talents. She is sincere, compassionate, and cares so deeply. She has employed several modalities, techniques, and strategies to help me initiate positive changes in my life. And she was one of the very first masters to teach me meditation; it is and has been a life-changing and enhancing practice for me.

JP Payne, VA

I would like to say thank you for such a wonderful experience in the sound healing meditation class. It was extremely relaxing. Listening to the different sounds made it easy to relax and let go. Even the beautiful colors in the room made it hard not to feel an inner peace. When we started the session, I was tired and stressed. When the session ended, I felt lighter, calm and relaxed. The experience was soothing and very therapeutic. The world seemed a little kinder. I would recommend it to anyone feeling anxiety or overwhelmed with the weight of daily pressures.

Melanie Margolies, FL


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