My Philosophy

Using a holistic and integrative client-centered approach, I support you in aligning the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies for an overall happier and healthier quality of life. We work together, as you gain insights in creating a healthy lifestyle. I assist you in raising your energy, and increasing your vitality and resilience, so you can live your life in harmonious balance with a sense of wholeness and spiritual connection as well as a deep sense of inner peace and joy. You are guided in tapping into your inner wisdom and Source, as you discover the power of thought, mind and consciousness, and open to the light of your empowered Spirit.

Drawing from a lifetime of learning and personal practice, and inspiration from my own self-healing episode and a near death experience, I offer a comprehensive blend of approaches from holistic and integrative wellness practices, the wisdom of ancient healing modalities, vibrational therapies, and the principles of quantum physics. My private practice includes health and wellness nurse coaching and spiritual mentoring, and sound and color light therapies. Workshops in meditation, sacred sound journeys and holistic stress solutions are presented, along with spiritual retreats.

I am honored to work with you on your journey toward health and wellbeing.

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The Kinder Approach to Wellbeing

Rise above the cause and effects of stress and thrive. You will be guided in resolving specific mental, emotional, physical and spiritual challenges you may be facing. Through insights, develop healthy lifestyle choices. Reduce frustration, fear and anxiety. Feel more inspired and enhance creativity in your life. Improve your energy. Strengthen your inner resources. Read More…


The Kinder Approach to Emotional Healing

Learn to live with your emotions in a healthy way. Understand how thought works as we will look at the emotional and spiritual issues that are draining you, holding you back or hindering your sense of wellbeing. Let go of the suffering of a heavy heart and move forward. Live your ideal life that supports your desire for deeper meaning and wellbeing. Read More…



Sound and Color Therapy with Tama-Do

Feel lighter, calm, relaxed, clear, and spiritually in-tune. Dissolve negative energetic patterns, relieve pain, inflammation, physical/mental stress and fatigue, and promote inner peace. Reestablish harmony in the chakra system and subtle energy field, where illness begins. Sessions apply Fabien Maman’s Tama-Do (Way of the Soul) techniques using tuning forks (12-tone musical scale), and color tools – lights, silks and essences. Each protocol connects with the body’s natural healing frequencies. Read More


Chromotherapy and Sacred Geometry

An effective, non-invasive, non-toxic, and gentle approach to vibrational healing. Lumalight by Spectrahue’s advanced color light therapy tools help reduce pain and inflammation, boost the immune system, release stress related emotions, promote tissue repair and wound healing, enhance spiritual development, stimulate healthier skin tone and smoother appearance, and raise, calm or balance energies in the physical and subtle anatomy. Read More…



Primordial Sound Meditation: The Power of Mantra

Learn Dr. Deepak Chopra’s silent mantra meditation program. Learn how to meditate with your personal birth mantra; how to perfect your practice; discuss the types of experiences to expect; and explore the seven deeper states of consciousness that can be achieved with regular practice. Private and virtual sessions also available. Read More…


Sound and Meditation Journey with Tama-Do Sound Harmonization

Come and join us for a relaxing, deeply healing, and insightful evening that will begin with guided breathing, meditation and chanting. Then listen and absorb a delicate blend of acoustic instruments designed to balance and harmonize your chakras and subtle energies. Invite the physical and emotional bodies to release. Leave feeling a deep sense of connected calmness. Read More…



A Journey Within: An Exclusive One-on-One Retreat

Ready to shed what is weighing down your zeal for life and radiance? Ready to jumpstart to deepen your healing process? Join me on this escapade – one-on-one, away from the rest of the world and its commotion. Reconnect with yourself and inner healer. Rediscover your inner light in a transformational retreat tailored to your individual needs. Read More…


Journey of the Angelic Soul Retreat

Are you ready to dive deeper into the realms of your conscious awareness and expand the spirit? This is a journey of self-reflection and self-discovery. Create space for new insights and wisdom. Expand your spiritual potential. Soar to new heights. Take time to nurture, replenish and renew. Delight in the precious moments of love, peace, and gratitude. Read More…