Hire Jan to Speak at Your Next Event

Are you looking for a speaker that is inspirational, and can make an immediate difference to each and every person in the room?

Do you agree the need for a high level of consciousness, self-awareness, and mindful communication is key for the performance of each employee, and the collective teams in an organization?

A leader in holistic/integrative nursing and mind body health, Jan is an internationally recognized speaker/workshop presenter that delivers engaging, thought provoking, and life changing presentations. She is a registered nurse with a BA in psychology, board-certified health and wellness nurse coach and holistic nurse, stress reduction professional, meditation mentor, guided imagery practitioner, music therapist, sound/color vibrational healer, transpersonal NLP practitioner, and author, as well as among the first certified Chopra Center instructors.

Jan blends storytelling and humor as she shares her inspiring and powerful message, experience, and wisdom. Her audience takes away new strategies, practical skills and refreshing insights to create a healthier relationship with stress while developing resiliency for ongoing personal growth while maximizing individual potential.

Integrating her extensive qualifications, knowledge, and life-long experience, she offers her expertise using an array of approaches towards personal and spiritual growth. Jan gives your attendees tools to clear stress and foster relaxation to maximize effectiveness in the workplace, as well as calm and expand the mind to increase productivity. Her talks and teachings help improve stamina and health, plus increase creativity, resilience, and insight to develop personal potential and innovation to enhance overall performance.

Attendees receive an inclusive blend of knowledge and experience to feel more vibrant and resilient, have more focus, clarity and peace of mind leading to an improved sense of well-being.

Talks are tailored to meet your organization’s needs. If you require a 1-hour to a several hour presentation or a full-day workshop event or retreat, Jan can deliver.

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“Jan Kinder has dedicated herself to heal, to love, to transform and to serve others. She is an inspiration to those around her.” 
Deepak Chopra, MD

“I had the pleasure of working with Jan on a one-to-one basis that prompted me to invite her to give a lecture and experiential workshop at our physician’s TEAMHealth conference. She is a knowledgeable, inspiring, engaging, fun and passionate speaker who opened new doors for our group of physicians. I continue to receive the benefits from the outstanding skills and practices she eloquently taught about opening awareness and mastering the mind in relation to stress relief and improving overall performance.”
Tom Graber, MD, FACEP

“At the Broward Health Imperial Holistic Care Council meeting, Jan Kinder presented an engaging, thought provoking overview on Color, Light and Vibration in healing ourselves and our patients. Jan is an excellent speaker. She is funny, knowledgeable and generous with her gifts. She took the time to ensure the council was informed, secure and comfortable with both the science and art of applying color, light and vibration to plans of care on creating a path to balance and harmony.” 

“On behalf of the National Federation of Nurses and President Rooney, I want to take this opportunity to once again thank you for speaking at our 4th and 5th annual NFN Labor Academy and AFT Professional Issues Conference.  It was our hope to provide our participants an array of tools they could use to better and more efficiently represent their members and profession. With your help we were able to exceed their expectations.  We received many positive responses. Many of our attendees stated your presentation was outstanding, with comments like we received below. 

‘Excellent presentation. Felt refreshed and relaxed at the end. Useful techniques for stress relief.’
‘Very powerful. All nurses need this information.’
‘Best session I attended. Bring her back!’

Your commitment to nurses and to the profession of nursing is exemplary. Your presentation was an integral part in the success of our Academy and in the personal successes of our member participants. I want to personally thank you for the role you played in making our conference a successful and memorable event. We look forward to working with you again on future endeavors.”
Lorraine A. Seidel, MA, RN, CEO, National Federation of Nurses

Jan has been featured in such publications as Organic Spa, Wall Street Journal, Travel and Leisure, Spa Magazine, LA Confidential, and Palm Beach Illustrated. Her clients include Universal Studios Escape, Seton Hall University, Hackensack University Medical Center, American Cancer Society, and Novartis International.


Signature Talk – The Kinder Approach to Wellbeing

A leader in holistic nursing and integrative wellness, Jan shares her inspirational life story that is known to captivate and motivate audiences. Healing herself of an autoimmune disease and having encountered a near death, she reveals her life-changing breakthroughs. Jan will share the key elements of how to shift and move toward healthier, less stressful and more resilient, joyful and purposeful living with ease. Throughout the presentation, it is apparent that Jan is the embodiment of the principles she teaches.

Be the Calm Within the Storm: Your Path to Resilience for a Happier Life
In this experiential presentation, Jan explores stress and it’s effect on emotions, performance, illness and the human energy system. She will teach your key executives, upper management team members, and staff effective coping strategies and relaxation techniques designed to fit easily into daily life to clear stress and nurture resilience. Attendees will learn how to interrupt the stress response and use it to their benefit, fostering positive psychology for an ideal work environment and life.

The Positive and Creative Side of Anger: Reclaim Your Emotional Freedom
In this valuable talk, your attendees will identify and understand their mismanaged anger styles. Today’s emotional climate harbors a lot of unresolved anger issues. Jan will offer contemplative strategies and solutions. She will guide your team to creatively break the negative anger cycles, and resolve the issues and expectations that emerge from anger.

Move Aside Ego – I AM in Charge Now: How to Lead From Higher Consciousness
In this presentation, Jan delivers an insightful message comparing the dichotomy of the ego versus the spirit self, as it relates to self-image, stress, and leadership. She teaches how to come from a place of internal strength and infinite possibilities, as opposed to being controlled by the fear and insecurities that plague the ego. Your audience will learn a self-mastery practice to take-away.

The Wellness and Energy Connection: Promote a Healing, Productive Environment
Jan presents a fascinating talk teaching the members of your team how both the vibrational frequencies of music, sound, and color, and energy management have a direct impact on the state of mind and body.  Participants discover areas in their lives where these vibrations may be depleting or nourishing to the body’s systems and affecting the work and home environments.  Through experiential learning, Jan encourages your team members to look at creating a healthy and harmonious 24/7 sound and color environment to foster balance, creativity and focused attention.

Corporate Recess: De-stress and Enhance Creative Communication
Studies report a correlation between a fun workplace, productivity, and higher job satisfaction.  In this interactive presentation, Jan teaches how play triggers the creative process, ignites the imagination and enhances communication, trust, and problem-solving abilities. Attendees will learn the value of playful interaction and laughter with co-workers to lessen stress and support mental and emotional wellbeing.