I appreciate the positive comments over the years. Thank you.
The following are some of the articles, video clips and comments.

Note: Jan Kinder was the founding director and owner of The Self Centre International, LLC.

  • Robert Fisher, MonergyLife, BlogTalkRadio, 2013
  • Spa Magazine’s Silver Sage Readers’ Choice Award naming The Self Centre at Caneel – Favorite Resort Spa in the Caribbean
    Spa Magazine, Dec 2008 and 2009
  • Sandra Ramani, Organic Spa Magazine, May/June 2009
  • Shane Mitchell, Senior Editor, Travel and Leisure, March 2002
  • Reprinted with permission – MaLinda Nelson, Publisher, St. John Magazine Fall/Winter 2007
  • Lynn Parramore, Voyages.tv, 2009
  • “One of the six best spas in the Caribbean.”
    Travel & Leisure, Dec 2007
  • “I’ve clocked just five hours in The Self Centre, but I’m calmer than I’ve been in ages. 
I felt close to that state of blissful surrender that comes just before I sleep, only while being wide-awake.”
    Melisse Gelula, Luxury Spa Finder, Jan/Feb 2008
  • “Featuring a one-of-a-kind menu of energy-based treatments, the Self Centre easily surpasses
 your cookie-cutter spa experience. Founder, Jan Kinder has developed the center with
 the truly transformational experience in mind.”
    Sara Bliss, LA Confidential, Late Spring 2007
  • “When the session [Sampler] is over, I’m in a buoyant state in which I feel strangely aware. It brings an added dimension to the Caneel Bay Resort experience.”
    Daphne Nikolopoulos, Palm Beach Illustrated, Jan 2005
  • “Jan Kinder’s crash course in relaxation makes you feel you’ve been on vacation for days.”
    Elle Magazine, April 2004


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