The Ultimate Conditioning Program for Body, Mind, and Spirit

Breathwalk is easy to learn, sophisticated in its design and powerful in its impact. It revitalizes your body, mind and spirit. Breathwalk is the science of combining specific patterns of breathing synchronized with your walking steps, specific finger positions, and mantra meditation for the ultimate walking experience.

Gurucharan Singh Khalsa, PhD and Yogi Bhajan, PhD, created the 20 different Breathwalk programs.

In this workshop, you will learn and practice two (2) Breathwalk programs.

  1. Clear Mind
  2. Elevated Mood

Each program begins and ends with warm-up and cool-down stretches, and concludes with an integration process.

Shift from…

  • Scattered to focused and relaxed
  • Lethargic to elevated and energized
  • Stressed and anxious to calm and clear
  • Feeling disconnected to being fully present

How Does the Breathwalk® Technique Work?

Practicing Breathwalk can be mastered quickly to become a part of your walking routine. You can feel the changes within minutes. The physical, emotional, spiritual benefits can be very powerful.

Conscious breathing patterns harness the power of the breath. Breathwalk invites you to choose over your energy level, desired mood and mental state. Directed meditative attention using mantras rewires the brain and lessens the mental chatter allowing you to hear that subtle voice from within the heart. “The Self dwells in the lotus of the heart.” “Finger Magic” is a specific synchronized finger movement technique for healing and faster change. Walking is one of the best forms of aerobic exercise and allows your energy to flow freely throughout the body while improving balance. Breathwalk can be adjusted to any fitness level or walking style and speed.

Who can do Breathwalk?

Anyone physically fit enough to walk, from the sedentary person wanting to improve their fitness to athletes wanting to stay motivated and focused under stress.

Breathwalk is ideal for those individuals whose time is limited and would benefit by combining exercise and meditation, and for those who feel too antsy or agitated to do a seated meditation practice. Breathwalk provides the solution to these challenges while promoting physical and mental fitness, and helping each person reach there goals.

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Appropriate walking shoes and attire recommended for outside walking.
Always check with your doctor before starting any exercise program.

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