“Everything is the light.” – Nikola Tesla

Light is necessary for life. Every cell in the body requires the energy source found in light. Chromotherapy, also referred to as color therapy, is a non-invasive, non-toxic, and gentle approach to vibrational healing that is holistic in nature, effective and has no side effects. Each color is infused with its own specific wavelength, information, healing properties and purpose.

The Lumalight System by Spectrahue approach, which I use, was developed by Julianne Bien. It uses acupuncture points, reflexology zones, meridian pathways and the chakras to activate the body’s innate healing process.

“Color in its purest form is energy, frequencies, and vibration. There are millions of shades and hues of colors that also act as a source of information from the cosmos. The energy emitted from each color influences our every thought, action, and mood, and colorfully brings to life everything in nature. The color is the universal language of light…” – Julianne Bien


  • Promote tissue repair and wound healing
  • Healthier skin tone and appearance
  • Balance the immune system
  • Reduce pain and inflammation
  • Release physical and emotional stress
  • Alleviate mental clutter and brain fog
  • Raise or calm energies in the body
  • Clear blockages to allow free-flowing energy
  • Enhance and deepen your spiritual connection

Tools used…

Lumalight spiritual color light therapy uses 42 crystal quality color filters, delivered through a full spectrum incandescent light source. When the light is directed to specific areas, it gently assists the flow of vital energy for the body to function optimally.

A choice of 24 sacred geometry inserts, e.g. Fibonacci spiral, cube, and the flower of life, are also used to shape vibrational light frequencies into life-nourishing patterns as they are introduced into the human energy and subtle bodies. These shapes are the essential building blocks of all life.

Sound therapy instruments, including the 54-stringed monochord, are also played to deepen relaxation and restore the body’s innate healing vibration. The mind is invited to let go as you slip into a state of restful Being.

Clients’ comments after a session…

“I feel so relaxed. It’s like my brain has relaxed. I’m calm.”

“My headache went away. That surprised me.”

“I’m back in touch with my joy. The messages I received said, Don’t be afraid of the cancer anymore. Be happy. It’s OK to play again.”

“I felt a cleansing of my closet of delusion.”

“I feel peaceful. No stress. No anxiety. I can swallow better.”

Sessions by appointment.

To schedule, call Jan (954) 830-2121

Single session: $195
Package of 3 sessions (75-90 minutes): $495
Inquire about children and teen sessions to help calm, relax, and improve focus and sleep.

Sessions are conducted fully clothed while lying on a massage table. You are encouraged to wear white or pastel clothing and refrain from skin lotions or fragrances.

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