Discover the Silence Within

Primordial Sound Meditation, the Chopra Center’s meditation program developed by Dr. Deepak Chopra, is offered either over 1 or 2 days (live or virtual) or privately (live or virtual).

A Self-Mastery practicePrimordial Sound Meditation is a tool for rediscovering the body’s own inner intelligence, and a journey to emotional freedom. It’s not about forcing the mind to be quiet; it’s finding the silence and experiencing the deep inner calm and the deepest sense of spiritual connection that’s already there.

A daily meditation practice can help you to awaken intuition, improve sleep, reduce anxiety, become less reactive and judgmental, maintain higher vibration, and enhance brain-wave coherence.

Primordial Sound Meditation is a meditation technique originating in the ancient wisdom of India. Primordial Sounds – the basic, most essential sounds of nature – are used to disconnect us from the activity of life. These individually selected sounds, known as mantras, are based on the vibration the universe was making at the moment of your birth.

Beginners and experienced meditators who wish to deepen their practice are welcome.

This Mantra Meditation is easily learned in 4 short sessions.

Session 1 Learn the basic principles of meditation, its history and the importance of your mantra.
Session 2 In a private traditional ceremony, receive personal instruction in your mantra and experience your first meditation.
Session 3 Learn the practical aspects of meditation, how to blend your practice into your existing daily life, share your experience, receive answers to any questions, and participate in a group meditation.
Session 4 Explore the seven states of consciousness that can be achieved with regular practice

Program Fees

Includes your personal mantra. Bring a notepad.

You may repeat this program with me as many times as you like at no charge.

Private Instruction……….$600

Inquire about children and teen rates.
Financial assistance is available for those in need.

Next Program – Please call Jan at (954) 830-2121

Program Fees

By enrolling, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the terms in the Policies/Consent.

Please refrain from perfumes or colognes. Loose comfortable clothing recommended.