Tama-Do (“way of the soul”) Sound Harmonization®

Are you ready to connect to your natural inner peaceful state of vibration?

Join us for an evening of healing bliss. This is a marvelous opportunity to experience the subtle and profound effects of acoustic sound in the aura to harmonize the body, mind, and spirit—as created by Fabien Maman, the Founding Father of vibrational sound therapy.”

You are invited to relax and absorb a delicate blend of acoustic instruments and elemental sounds representing the five elements of Nature (earth, water, wood, fire, and air), as we can find a place of stillness within ourselves.

“The sounds of the instruments were mesmerizing. I went somewhere but I can’t remember where. It was like a spiritual trance of some sort. All I know is I feel better than I have felt in a long time. Thank you Jan.” – Susan, FL

“I would like to say thank you for such a wonderful experience. I felt lighter, calm and relaxed. The world seemed a little kinder. I would recommend it to anyone feeling anxiety or overwhelmed with the weight of daily pressures.” – Melanie Margolies

“The experience was incredible. The sounds were all perfect. I have a lot of intellectual pain as well as physical pain. I got a release from this experience.” – Will Penn

The session is conducted lying on the floor. Bring your yoga mat if you own one. It is recommended to bring a pillow or two and a blanket for added comfort. **If you are unable to lie on the floor, a chair will be provided.

Attire: Loose comfortable clothing recommended. Please refrain from wearing perfumes or cologne.

Next Tama-Do Sound Harmonization® TBD

Adult………………………… $25
Couples……………………… $40
Parent with teen (11-18)… $35


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