Sonic Fasting to Reduce Stress

Sounds are a part of everyday life.  Sounds have been known to bombard our environment, and to what degree depends on where and how we choose to live.  Sounds either soothe or irritate the nervous system, which has the potential of creating either relaxation or constant underlying stress.

Think about it.  Have you ever gotten in touch with and listened to what sounds surround you at every moment of your day?  Have you seen where these sounds are actually coming from? What sounds do your ears take in?

You may think you are blocking out the annoying sounds around you, however this concept is false.  The body is responding to every prominent or subtle sound it hears.  These sounds are usually combined, and can flow in and out or remain constant.  How many sounds can you name?

Here are some to start you off:  Phones ringing, multiple conversations, TV, appliances, computers and equipment, media games, traffic, and jet planes.  And then there are the sounds of the ocean, wind, gentle rain, birds, baby’s laughter, and a purring cat.  And let’s remember the sound of our own thoughts.

Canadian soundscape composer and researcher, R. Murray Shafer, says “Still the noise in the mind: that is the first task – then everything else will follow in time.”

Do you ingest healthy sounds or do you filled yourself up with noise?  A constant auditory diet of noise and sound clutter can cause unnecessary mind body stress.  With the use of headsets and earphones in electronic devices, there is an increased risk of causing hearing loss.

Adults and children alike may be listening to audio recordings at decibel levels that far exceed the safety zone.  It has been shown that frequent exposure to decibel levels over 110 (runway planes are 120 decibels) can cause hearing difficulties.  Rock concerts are 120 decibels, conversation 40-60 decibels and whispering 30 decibels.

Being aware of your sound environment is part of your self-care practice.  I’m sure you are familiar with the saying, “You are what you eat.”  You are also what you hear for our bodies respond to everything we take in through the senses.

Take a break from sound clutter also known as noise pollution…those non-nourishing sounds that surround you daily.  You can do what I like to call a “sonic fast” once a month, just like you would do a cleansing body fast for a day to clear toxins from the system.

A sonic fast is to reduce excess noise pollution and give the ears and bodily systems a vacation from the sonic overload that drains the body’s energy.  Sonic fasting will also help spiritually connect you with your Self on a deeper level.

You can do this fast for an hour or an entire day.  Simply separate yourself from all electronic devices and areas with loud noxious sounds.  Consciously step into nature, connect with divine and indulge in nurturing your soul.

Please share how this sounds to you (pun intended).  Are you willing to commit to a day of sonic fasting?


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