An Observing Silence Retreat

In May, I thoroughly enjoyed attending a week retreat to observe silence, to devote time for self-reflection and contemplation.  This Chopra Center retreat with Deepak Chopra and 90 other like-minded individuals from around the world was held at Asilomar in Monterey Bay’s beautiful state park.  It was inspiring to be with a group of people without feeling the need to talk and yet feel a deep spiritual connection with all of them.

For the first hours of silence, my mind was jumping around in mental talk with myself and then calmed down after meditation.  It was easier to observe silence when surrounded by nature – hills, forest and ocean – easier to stay present and engage the senses – easier to connect with the creative source.

Settling in to the practice of ‘being’ along with meditating four times a day, I found myself thinking less about the past and future – the people, things and day-to-day scenarios of everyday life.  There was simplicity in not holding on to anything and just allowing myself to be, letting go of the “me” aspect.  Being with myself was connecting on a deeper level, turning my attention to the inner voice from within for insights.

Surrendering to the expression of love, I was smiling a lot with gratitude for everything in my life.  God was everywhere in everything.  I was seeing and feeling the interwoven relationship of all things.  There were a few brief moments where I was hearing music and realized it was not coming from out in nature, it was coming from inside of me.  All the external noises and sounds no longer seemed important.  This felt amazing.

While I’ve returned to day-to-day living, I look forward to the times I devote to observing silence more frequently.  This is in addition to my daily primordial sound (silent) meditation practice.  Our lives are so filled with noise and chatter.  It’s a blessing to be able to receive the gifts observing silence offers, and to just be.  Share your thoughts?

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