It’s A Miracle

Recently I had 3 clients, 3 days in a row say the same 3 words after their sound and color vibrational therapies session.  “It’s a miracle” flowed from their mouths with emotional relief and gratitude. Each client came to me with a different set of concerns.  Each of them experienced a different level of healing and transformation.   They described a change in how they felt physically, emotionally and spiritually, and this change, for them, felt like a miracle. “It’s a miracle” are not the words typically used by my clients and for all three of them to say it surprised me.  This had me pondering the concept of “miracles”, a topic I visit in my teaching.

So what is a miracle?  Miracle comes from the Latin word miraculum meaning, “to wonder” or “something wonderful”. Miracles are extraordinary and unusual events that cannot be explained by science or natural law.  Miracles have been thought to be a result of divine intervention or the act of a supreme being.  Miracles are also considered supernatural. Someone showing up in your life at the exact time you need her or him can be seen as a miracle.  Or when you walk away unharmed after a car accident where the car is totaled and all you can remember is feeling like something or someone was surrounding or holding you, protecting you.  This was a friend of mine’s story.  Spontaneous healing is unexplainable and miraculous. The common experience around miracles is how people come away feeling.  They report feeling blessed and in a state of wonderment with a deep sense of appreciation and joy. When I look around, I realize I’m looking at miracles all the time.  Birth of a baby is a miracle even though science can explain it.  I see it as a miracle.  Life itself is a miracle. There is still much controversy around whether miracles truly exist or not.  Perhaps those unexplainable events today may be explainable tomorrow. Do you believe in miracles?  I would love to hear your comments on a miracle you’ve experienced, witnessed or heard about.  Or what would you consider a miracle?


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