The Value of Silence in Meditation

Meditation is the key to self-mastery and essential for stress management. Everything originates in our conscious awareness.  Meditation is a journey to cultivate greater awareness, get in touch with our authentic Self, and align with our inner infinite wisdom, energy and power.  It is not about religion, blocking out thoughts and going blank or sitting in uncomfortable positions for long periods of time.

Embarking on a spiritual path is about transforming our inner being.  When we learn to let go and accept, we find harmony and inner peace.  When we stop holding on to our opinions, and ego attachments, we find truth and liberation.  We begin to feel lighter, energized and alert, and therefore make clearer decisions, less errors, and better choices that support our happiness and well being.

Silent meditation connects us with the natural state of mind, the silence within.  We focus our awareness on one thing, like the breath or a mantra (instrument of the mind).  Mantras, when repeated silently, interrupt our internal dialogue creating a quiet resonance in the mind.  We begin to lessen the chatter and tune-in to our source for inner wisdom and self-knowledge like fine-tuning a radio for a clear reception.

When we practice mindfulness meditation we slow down to be more aware of what is going on in the present moment with our mind, our emotions, our bodies and the world in which we live. When thoughts, feelings or sensations arise, we silently observe them, moment by moment, without judging or intellectualizing, without censoring or editing.  As we accept what is happening in the moment, we begin to see clearly the moment as it is and are more able to respond effectively to any situation that presents itself.

The practice of meditation promotes deep relaxation, lessens mental chatter, rewires the brain, and can lead to a heightened state of awareness.  The state of balance attained through regular practice of meditation carries over into your activities of daily living with signs of decreased anxiety, increase creativity and cognitive skills and a calmer response to stressful situations.

What meditation practice works for you?

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