A Beginners Guide to Observing Silence

Observing silence, known as mauna in Sanskrit, is a way of transforming the mind.  The first time I observed silence, I started with a half–a-day then for a full 24-hours.  I found observing silence for 5-days to be so calming and peaceful that I did not want it to end.

As you observe silence the mental chatters begins to lessen.  Quieting the mind is needed to be able to tune-in and listen on a deeper level.  Let go of any serious approach towards this practice. Have fun being with your Self.  Here are a few tips to guide you.

  1. Choose a day.  Let pertinent family members know your intentions so they are supportive.
  2. Anticipate your needs and prepare in advance.  Pre-buy food so you do not have to engage others at the market.
  3. Refrain from:  Talking; emailing or texting; accessing the Internet; watching TV; and listening to music, the radio or other people’s conversations.  Do not read the news or non-spiritual literature.  Resist gesturing in place of words as a way of communicating.
  4. When you begin you may feel restless.  This is natural.  Be easy and do not judge yourself.
  5. Remain awake and alert until bedtime.  This is not a time to sleep.
  6. Meditate to calm and quiet the mind while expanding your awareness.
  7. Experience each moment as it is without trying to analyze or explain it.
  8. Be in the present moment and practice mindfulness with gratitude.
  9. You may read inspirational or spiritual literature – readings that support your silence.
  10. Journal your insights or impressions of your experience.

Are you ready to practice the art of observing silence?

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