3 Tips for a Healthy and Joyful Holiday Season

Eat Mindfully

Help prevent the guilt and stress from overeating and gaining weight.  Eat slowly to savor the tastes, enjoy the textures and delight in the colors and aromas of the foods.  This will also lessen your desire for second helpings.  Be aware of the body’s signals of being full and satisfied, and not stuffed and uncomfortable.

Do not skip meals or cut back on eating prior to going to a holiday get-together to avoid calories.  This will throw off your blood glucose levels, and increase your likelihood to overeat.

You do not need to deny yourself holiday sweets all together.  I like this one the most.  Moderation is key.  Cut back on some carbohydrates with the meal such as bread or starches as a substitute for dessert.  It’s all about balance.  When possible avoid refined sugar treats.

Try a simple holiday dessert:  Cored baked apples stuffed with a little butter, raisins, nuts, and cinnamon.  Yum!  Who has a simple quick healthy dessert to share?

Live the Holiday Spirit

The true spirit of holidays is a time of love and peace.  Practice patience, understanding and acceptance with family members and friends.  Be grateful you have family and friends to be able to gather with, as some people have no one to celebrate the holidays.

Refrain from participating in family tension or drama by observing the situation with detachment and without judgment.  For some, holidays can be stressful or depressing. Remember the loving times with family, when innocence prevailed.  Check out all the positive interactions that are happening right then and there.  Fill up with loving kindness and your energy will stay in balance and influence the energy around you.

Remember the holidays are a time of giving.  If you know of someone who will be alone for the holidays, invite her or him to be with you.  Senior centers and children’s hospitals are other places to spread and share the joy with a basket of goodies.  What can you do to contribute to someone else’s happiness?

Honor Yourself

With the hustle and bustle of holiday preparations and festivities, make sure to take time for yourself.   It can make all the difference in helping you enjoy the entire holiday season by staying centered and calm.

Spending at least 15-20 minutes a day of alone time. Meditate, take a nap, go for a walk, gaze at the stars, enjoy a hot scented bath, journal, or listen to music.

Tune into the holiday sounds, colorful sights and fragrances.  Give yourself permission to simple stop and enjoy it all.

Invest in 3 minutes breaks throughout the day.  Deep breathe as you relax the body, especially the jaw, shoulders and belly. This can be done anywhere, even while in line at a store check out counter.  Simply shift your attention to the breath and relax.  Or enjoy a cup of your favorite tea.

It is also important to maintain your exercise routine whether at the gym, jogging in the park or going to the yoga studio to help clear any stress.  What is your favorite way to honor yourself?

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