Is Every Moment a Spiritual Experience?

Life is full of experiences. We have a choice in how we perceive those encounters. Experiences are not about seeking pleasure and avoiding pain. It’s about experiencing all aspects of life as gifts from a higher source.

We came to earth as a spiritual being wanting to experience life as a human being – to feel, see, smell, hear, and taste to know that we exist. We are here to grow from the inside out. As we experience life through the senses, we allow for teaching moments and insights to guide our way. By staying open and doing the inner work on ourselves, we learn, grow, and evolve spiritually.

Resist or Receive

The only experience you can have is the one that is happening at this moment right now. Each experience, every second of every day, holds infinite lessons to be learned.

How many times do you find yourself resisting the present moment because you do not like how it feels or do not want to deal with the emotions that surround the event? At some point, you will have to work on your feelings and thoughts around your resistance. Spirit has a funny way of bringing the lesson back around with similar experiences until it is learned.

How often do you hold onto a favorable event in your mind and use it to compare future experiences? Do not try to duplicate a good experience. The circumstances surrounding the event will not be the same. You will end up with an unpleasant event because it will not be as you remembered it.

Both types of experiences are teachers. We learn from them and grow. Then we intentionally let it go. When we let go, we make space and remain open and present for new encounters. Experiences are constantly coming and going, always changing.

What interferes with being present?

We get distracted. How many times do you wish you were somewhere else or doing something else instead of being where you are in the moment? As you sit at your desk, do you wish you were at lunch with friends or at the beach? Or are you absorbing the experience you are having right now?

As you are reading this article, are you aware of your breathing pattern, the position or any sensations of the body, and the subtle sounds surrounding you? There is so much of life to take in with everything we do. Then we let it go and move on to embracing the next moment.

Being present is uncomfortable. Some find it a challenge to be present. These individuals may not be ready to look inside themselves. They tend to avoid specific experiences or try to control them. They may blame others as opposed to seeing the situation as a teacher.

Unresolved issues. When we resist being present and accepting the moment as it is, we block the flow of energy underlying that experience and what it wants to show us. Our unclear concerns and issues get stored inside us as an unsettled memory that an outside source can later trigger. Unresolved inner conflicts may resurface.

When our unresolved issues get triggered, we respond in different ways.

  • We accuse others of causing our bad experience.
  • We create a distraction to avoid dealing with the remembered discomfort.
  • We try to control the experience and those involved.
  • We discover the lessons, work through them, and free ourselves and liberate the mind, body, and spirit.

Every moment in our life has the potential for personal growth. We receive what is needed at that moment even though it may not appear or feel that way. Some experiences and lessons happen along bumpy roads.

It’s our choice whether we:

  • Keep avoiding and pushing the uncomfortable experience down inside of us and stay stuck.
  • Take a deep dive into our creative response to the situation we’ve encountered and move forward.

Mental chatter. The more unresolved stuff we store inside the mind, the more we create a busy mind. The cluttered mind interferes with our ability to be present. We focus our attention on the chatter of the mind instead of what is happening in the moment. A busy, unfocused mind increases our stress level and undermines our ability to cope with challenges. It disrupts our feeling of joy. As Abraham Maslow expresses, “The ability to be in the present moment is a major component of mental wellness.”

Be Present and Evolve

How easy is it to gaze at a colorful sunset and feel moved? How natural is it to be in awe of a beautiful waterfall and feel uplifted? How comfortable is it to see your outdoor party get rained out as an opportunity to learn? Or do you get upset and embarrassed that the party was canceled and declare you will never have another outdoor party? It’s all a matter of choice.

Every moment invites us to know our self and how we value and respond to life. We cannot judge our experiences. They are neither bad nor good. They are simply thoughts we are having about what is happening in that moment.

As we embrace and accept the moment without judgment, we realize we are players in a whimsical and amazing life story. We creatively live life with every part of our being and grow spiritually.

If you would like to learn how to go beyond the mental chatter and free the mind, and live life in the moment, feel free to contact me.


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