Our Basic Human Spirit Revealed

Recently, there have been more natural disasters and heart wrenching tragedies. Many try to second-guess “why” it happened. Focusing on the ‘why’ can create worry, fear and/or anger, as we are consumed with emotion and feeling stressed.

As we look deeper into the question of why, we can ask ourselves, “What is being stirred up in me.” “What emotions are surfacing.” “What am I really responding to.” At the same time, we may be feeling the stress of the event even though it’s not directly happening to us. However, indirectly, on a larger scale when we speak of collective consciousness, it is still happening to us for we are all connected. If one thing happens to one, it affects the whole.

There is an individual and group consciousness surrounding these events. Initially, the focus is on the horror of the event, sharing with others our feelings and comments. We listen to how many have been affected or injured, and what officials are doing or not doing to help. What do we do with the stressful emotions we are feeling? Many individuals do not want to be disconnected from the incident. However, the energy needs to move, so it does not adversely affect our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. We need to move forward with how we choose to respond to this event in our own life.

One response is rallying to help and give. It’s our basic human spirit to be there for others. We need to be a part of the situation and not sitting idly on the sidelines. It’s more than just wanting to help. It’s what behind that wanting to help. It’s feeling a heartfelt connection to those involved in that event, and being able to contribute and make a difference. We move the energy first through our love for others, and then contribute by offering fundraisers or donate blood, supplies or money.

We need to feel a sense of belonging as a group. If a disaster or tragedy separates the group, we find ways to bring the group back together to feel a sense of wholeness. People coming together for a common cause creates a healing for those that were indirectly or not directly affected by a disaster. Donating and contributing is a form of healing, and an expression of love and concern for all involved.

So, when these situations arise, we cannot comprehend “why” it happened. However, we look inside for the deeper meaning of what’s to be learned from the event. Learning can take on many forms on many levels, depending on your position within the impact. Some areas of learning can be…

  • Having more unconditional love
  • Complaining less
  • Showing others selfless kindness
  • Respecting and helping those less fortunate
  • Having more compassion and empathy
  • Contributing to community
  • Becoming part of the solution

The deeper meaning can branch out to learn to be appreciative of life. To be more aware of your own environment. To live more mindfully. To resolve conflicts and forgive others. To be more aware of the importance of family. To remember to not let our good nature and connection with others be overshadowed by pettiness. In times of distress, it is essential to remember the common bond and spiritual nature that holds our communities together.


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Jan Kinder, RN, BA, HN-BC, HWNC-BC, a leader in the wellness paradigm and the healing arts, is a board-certified holistic nurse and health and wellness nurse coach, music therapist, international speaker, and author. Her private practice specializes in holistic stress solutions and resiliency, meditation and spiritual mentoring, and vibrational sound and color therapies. She is a transformational leader and among the first certified Chopra Center instructors. Ms. Kinder has been featured in publications like Palm Beach Illustrated, Travel and Leisure, Organic Spa, The Wall Street Journal and LA Confidential.

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