A Healing Home: 5 Rituals to Make Your Home Your Sanctuary

When people enter my home, I hear them say how relaxed and calm they feel as soon as they walk through the door. Some ask what is my secret. First and foremost, my home is my sanctuary. I believe in creating a place of healing, flowing with energy and divine inspiration. To start you off, here are just 5 of many rituals I practice that maintain positive energy in my home.

No Shoes Policy
I’ve been practicing this ritual for decades. Upon entering the home, removing your shoes prevents the negative energy on the bottom of your shoes from taking up residence in your home. Let’s face it, shoes are dirty. Just think about it. Whatever you have stepped in outside is brought in and spread throughout your house. I believe the home is a sacred spiritual space, and therefore shoes have no place. Plus, the floors stay cleaner longer.

If you are not comfortable with the notion of walking barefoot, have a pair of shoes designated for indoor use only. Another behavior to get in the habit of doing is washing your feet before getting into bed if showering or bathing is not your nightly ritual.

Release Trapped Energy
Circular structures keep energy circulating since there are no corners where energy lacks movement and can get stuck. Since many of us do not live in a round home, there are simple ways to get this energy moving. Using sound is quite effective. Clap your hands in the corners of the rooms. Play a musical instrument like a Tibetan bowl or bells, or you can sing or chant in the corners to move and clear the energy. You may want to burn or smudge sage at the same time.

Smudging with sage is a Native American ritual used for healing ceremonies, purification and protection. It also has antiseptic properties. I like to smudge with bundled dried white sage to clear the air of unwanted particles, bacteria and viruses. The energetic quality of the air changes from heavy and stuck to light and flowing.

While performing this ritual, hold the intention of clearing negative energy, envisioning the stale energy dissipating with the smoke. Either walk around spreading and fanning the smoke, or place the sage in a container and let it burn. Do not breathe in the smoke and make sure you open a window or door for the smoke to escape. This can be done weekly, monthly, or the change of season.

Play Music
The power of music to heal, shift emotions and move energy has been well documented. As a nurse and music therapist, I have been using music for decades with myself and clients to transform the mind-body-spirit toward wellness, while fostering a healthy energy environment. Energy inside a home can become stale and toxic. Moving that energy can be quite simple. Play music you find relaxing and calming when you are not home, and notice how you feel when you reenter. If you have furry little family members at home, they will respond to the music as well and hopefully like your choice in music.

Circulate and Clean the Air
Fresh air is important. Clean the air in your home naturally by simply opening the windows, especially on windy days, letting the air pass through the rooms. If you live in a warm climate like I do, wait for windy cooler day.

Refrain from using commercial air fresheners, which are full of chemicals that land on furniture, draperies and flooring. It’s hard to avoid inhaling these contaminates. I diffuse essential oils to freshen and purify the air. In a spray bottle, I blend frankincense with vodka (as a base) and fill the room with this spiritual essence.

Essential oils may also be used to deter bugs. To make a holistic bug spray, make a mixture of 25 drops of peppermint oil, 25 drops of lemongrass, 4 ounces of witch hazel. Spray this blend in corners, along windows and baseboards, and around door frames. The aroma will also be a breath of fresh air.

Declutter and Purge
Keeping the energy flowing in your home means keeping the home free of clutter. This can be challenging, as I know. It may mean purging and throwing out some of your possessions. The adage is that if you haven’t used it in 6 months you probably don’t need it. Decluttering affects us on every level – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and environment. Our inner and surrounding energy needs to be free flowing to prevent feeling inundated, foggy or fatigued. Approach this task with ease so start with one area of your home and then move to another and then another. After clearing a space, the energy shifts. We can feel lighter and calm with clarity and focus creating more space for new possibilities.


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Jan Kinder, RN, BA, HN-BC, HWNC-BC, a leader in the wellness paradigm and the healing arts, is a board-certified holistic nurse and health and wellness nurse coach, music therapist, international speaker, and author. Her private practice specializes in holistic stress solutions and resiliency, meditation and spiritual mentoring, and vibrational sound and color therapies. She is a transformational leader and among the first certified Chopra Center instructors. Ms. Kinder has been featured in publications like Palm Beach Illustrated, Travel and Leisure, Organic Spa, The Wall Street Journal and LA Confidential.

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